I choose Big over Aidan.

aidan-carrie-bigAhh that classic debate that nearly all women could argue over. Should Carrie have ended up with Big or Aidan?

Well, if you asked me a few years ago, I would have said Aidan without a doubt. He is the caring and sensitive character that Carrie meets and is there fore her.

332606_1261318954324_430_294It’s so obvious now how much chemistry is between Big and Carrie and how Aidan and Carrie were just never meant to be.

First of all, Carrie and Big cannot keep away from each other throughout the entire series. After every break up and fight they always found a way to come back to each other. They were always there for each other even when they weren’t together.

When they weren’t together they had many moments; Carrie turns to big when she is struggling financially and he gives her a cheque, they have those cheeky random phone sex calls, he attends her birthday parties, he always calls her when he’s in town. Carrie is heartbroken when he marries Natasha.

Big’s cockiness, charming nature and success makes him irresistible. The way he always calls Carrie ‘kid’. The way that Big ‘rarely stays inside the lines’ in bed. There is so much chemistry between the characters and they always have fun together.

Probably one of the most romantic episodes between them is ‘I Heart NY’.carrie-and-big-heart The episode starts with Carrie calling Big late at night because she can’t sleep and is feeling lonely. When she goes over to his house for some company she puts on the record ‘Moon River’, which used to belong to his parents, and they slow dance in his apartment. Big is moving to Napa so they have one last night together where they take a horse-and-cart ride through the park. The melancholic romance in this episode made my heart ache, on some level they both knew the other would always be there but when they were saying goodbye they wanted to redeem their romance.

Alright, let’s discuss all the red flags with Aidan. Yes, he might have been a sympathetic character, but I think he’s too nice, sensitive and sweet for neurotic Carrie.

carrieandaidanWhen they first started dating Carrie had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. Carrie and Aidan walked the ‘weirdest 2 blocks’ that Aidan had ever walked as she hounded him with questions – “what’s wrong with you?” … you’re just so available to me… maybe we should see each other less so we could miss each other more?” This, disguised under all of Carrie’s insecurities and uncertainties, I believe was her intuition telling her that something was wrong.

After they moved in together Carrie started to tumblr_lnl9lhYTJg1qgmmoho1_500feel smothered and freaked out. She complained to the girls that his stuff was everywhere, that he always needed to know where she’d been when all she wanted was to be alone and decompress after a long day.

And how about after they were engaged and Carrie broke out in a stress-rash and had a mini breakdown when trying on wedding dresses?

The truth was she fantasized with the idea of Aidan and sure Aidan was the caring, sympathetic character, but no one could deny the sexual tension, chemistry and playful connection between her and Big. And I, in her shoes, would have done exactly the same thing.


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