American Sniper

2015-01-23-AMERICANSNIPERbiggerAmerican Sniper starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle is based on a true story of an American sniper who is sent to Iraq. Directed by Clint Eastwood and produced by Bradley Cooper, excellently confronts the audience with the gruesome violence and reality of war. These two worlds are juxtaposed as Chris is taken back and forth between his American home with his wife and kids and the jaw-dropping brutality of the Iraq war.

I found it particularly fascinating because it is based on a true person Chris Kyle, therefore the characters, the reality of war and the toll it has on everyone affected were incredibly honest and realistic.

Bradley Cooper really excelled in this role playing the deadliest sniper in US military history. The N07A6557.dngfilm reinforced the mindset of soldiers; they cannot think about the person behind the gun but they have to think of them as targets.

The film also conveys the mental struggles soldiers experience when returning home; post-traumatic stress, restlessness and dedication to serving their country. As he’s driving in the car with his wife he says that no one is thinking about the war in America; no one is talking about the war, it’s not even on the news and all they’re doing is driving to the mall while men are being killed in Iraq.

I would highly recommend American Sniper to anyone, especially to the Western world who hasn’t personally encountered the horror of war. It’s one of the most confronting, thought-provoking and gruesome conveyance of war that we have ever seen in film before.


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