Girls Season 4, Episode 3 – ‘Female Author’ Recap

femaleauthorIn this episode of Girls we see all the characters falling behind the standards that they set for themselves. Hannah confronts the reality that maybe writing isn’t the right career for her, Marnie’s career starts taking off but she demands more in her relationship from Desi, Shoshanna ruins her job interview, ignorant of how hard it is for graduate students to gain employment and Jessa celebrates her fourth month sober by getting arrested.

Marnie’s character really developed in this episode, we see her singing career take off and she demands more of her relationship with Desi. Marnie has a wakeup call from Ray about her relationship with Desi. Ray says she is the mistress, despite Marnie’s pathetic excuses for why Desi can’t break up with his girlfriend Clamentine.

“Anyone who would treat you this way is selfish and a coward… we have already established that he has one massive character flaw and that’s that he hasn’t chosen you,” Ray says. They then have very

Marnie and Desi show their music to a record label that makes the couple question their relationship and their future. Marnie says to Desi “Why the fuck do you have a girlfriend who isn’t me?” and “The problem with your plan is that I already know what I want, and you’re not giving it to me.”

Shoshanna’s naivety made me laugh so much in her cringe-worthy job interview. The interview goes really well for her, the interviewee offers her a job, then Shoshanna announces that this was just a “trial interview” before she went for a job she was deeply passionate about, to practise the “firmness of her handshake” and how to walk in her heels. This part is hilarious; it shows that even though jobs are scarce for graduate students, many 20somethings still have no understanding of how to act in the workforce.

xjessas-world-girls.png.pagespeed.ic.iwPRc_r9t8VH7XkhLdxVIn this episode we see that Jessa and Adam have built an alliance in rehab together. In the beginning of the episode Jessa tells Hannah that she sees Adam nearly every day and he doesn’t talk about her – Hannah is insulted. When Jessa publically urinates on the street then gets arrested, Adam steps in and fights the policeman because he thinks they’re hurting her. They both are arrested after this which really shows that they are spiralling downwards together.

Girls-FemaleHannah starts to realise that maybe writing isn’t the career for her. She acts out by criticising the other students in her class.

This episode was hilarious (as always), each character was made to question their direction in life and made a  half-assed attempt to better themselves.


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