Taken 3 Review

taken-3-1Bryan Mills (played by Liam Neeson) is back again (for the third time) desperately trying to save his family from their rivals.

This film takes what I thought a refreshing angle. It branches away from the plot we saw in the first and second film and now Bryan is confronted with a new obstacle; clearing his name for a murder he never committed.

Unlike the other films, this one is completely set in America and now Bryan is faced with running from the police as well.

I appreciated that the storyline took a different tangent to the other films so it wasn’t overdone. I went and saw this movie with my family and my dad had an interesting opinion on the movie. Being a father of girls he said he really empathised towards Bryan’s character in the first two films and found the storyline to really hit home as it was so realistic. However, he said the third taken-3-movie-wallpaper-13film had a very action-film style, unbelievable scenes that belong in a heavy-action film. He lost his connection with the protagonist therefore was left unsatisfied.
Overall, I found this film worth watching. But I definitely don’t think the world needs a fourth Taken movie.


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