Girls Season 4, Episode 4 – ‘Cubbies’ Recap

hannahThis has got to be one of the funniest Girls episodes I have I’ve watched in a long time and had me in tears of laughter. Each of the characters are still struggling with their direction in life; Shoshanna is rejected by more interviews, Marnie is harshly criticised for her song, Hannah debates whether she should stay in writing school and Ray screams at the honking cars on his street.

Shoshanna, Marnie and Jessa

The episode begins with Shoshanna being rejected from a job interview. That’s when the mood gets really awkward; Shoshanna doesn’t take no for an answer and wants to know what’s wrong with her. The interviewer hesitantly starts, but then can’t stop criticising Shoshanna, putting her more and more down.

The next scene is hilarious; Marnie is showing Jessa her new song in a pub. Marnie is hopeful she would receive good feedback but Jessa insensitively insults the song. Marnie says that Jessa is nearly up to the “good part,” which Jessa replies “when is the good part?” Unimpressed Marnie says “it was just happening while you were talking.”

Shoshanna joins the girls, admitting she’s been rejected by her seventh interview in the past 2 weeks and is feeling “terrible.” Marnie asks for Shoshanna’s opinion on her song who says that it’s the “perfect song” because she hates it, but it’s the kind of song that you would be “forced” to love after the radio play it continuously.


Hannah can’t decide whether she wants to stay in writing school. She writes a letter to all her classmates about how she’s sorry for insulting them when she was drunk in the previous episode. They discuss the letter in their class, the students very critical of the letter as it “wasn’t actually an apology, it was actually super offensive” as Hannah admits it’s all their fault that she can’t write. She said they’re taking a “dangerous road” working shopping her emotions.

Hannah speaks with her teacher after class who says that academia is challenging for Hannah and she doesn’t seem happy. Hannah thought the teacher was kicking her out – but she wasn’t – and Hannah says when she thought she was being kicked out she was “so happy.”

Hannah’s dad comes to visit her and they discuss what Hannah should do with her life, Hannah season 4 episode 4says that everyone would be upset if she drops out and that she doesn’t know “how she’s going to know if she makes the right decision.”

Hannah decides to move back home to Adam and she drives home excitedly. When she opens up the door to their apartment she is greeted by a strange girl. She enters in the apartment and uncomfortably confronts Adam and the girl asking if she is his housemate, which he replies “no”. My heart broke as this girl complicates any dreams Hannah had of returning to Adam.

Ray and Shoshanna

Rays anger and hostility towards everything has always made me laugh. Ray has a constant traffic jam out the front of his house and he is on the phone to complain about it as the cars are constantly honking. And then, while he’s drinking coffee and reading a book, Ray snaps. He goes out on the street, knocks on a car window then tells the driver to stop honking as it’s not helping anything. Ray’s anger rises with each honk and he yells at all the drivers to “SHUT THE FUCK UP”.ray

Shoshanna walks past Ray and witnesses him yelling at the drivers. She asks if she can go with him to run errands as she’s feeling down about not having a job. Shoshanna thrives on the chance to control something and tells Ray where and what to buy. Shoshanna tells Ray that she accepts responsibility for their relationship ending and says she likes “knowing that I did love you because it makes me feel like a might be capable of something else great someday.”

Shoshanna encourages Ray to do something constructive with his anger rather than screaming, like go to a city council meeting.

Marnie and Desi

Marnie and Desi start off quite hostile towards each other, but later Desi thumps on Marnie’s door drunk, in the middle of the night, saying that he broke up with Clementine. He’s crying and Marnie is touched and happy by what he’s done.

Desi explains that they broke up because Clementine says she was thinking about another guy and he thinks she might have slept with him. Marnie says “it sounds like she dumped you” or he might have “dumped her preemptively because you thought she was going to dump you”. Marnie considers this – that she was second best to Clementine and not chosen – but thinks the better of it and is happy. This reinforces Marnie’s character, that she is happy with the attention from any man, even if she isn’t treated the way she should.

Best Quotes

Shoshanna: Seriously the system is broken. They should just tell you ahead of time whether you’re going to get the job so you don’t have to waste all that time and energy doing your hair and like getting your nails done when you could just stay home and look for other work instead.

Shoshanna: I just don’t understand how nobody tells you how bad it’s going to be in the real world.

Marnie: Yeah they do – that’s pretty much all they ever tell you.

Ray: I just feel like my path towards a breakdown is lubricated with every individual honk you know, and I don’t know where all this anger comes from.

Shoshanna: You’ve always been that angry, it’s like your second nature.


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