Girls Season 4, Episode 5 – ‘Sit-In’ Recap

maxresdefaulttThis is a brutally honest and intense episode of Hannah confronting the reality of her break up with Adam and Adam’s new girlfriend. This episode was refreshing as it was filmed slightly differently to the others. As Hannah has an immature meltdown, her world literally revolved around her in this episode as she refuses to leave Adam’s apartment and the storyline follows each character dropping in on Hannah. Much of the filming has been done hand held and slightly rocky, reinforcing that Hannah’s world is unstable and she’s losing her stability and grounding in life.

Girls-season-4-episode-5-recap-feature-860x442First, Shoshanna comes in entirely on Hannah’s side and insulting Mimi-Rose. Jessa comes in next, almost completely on Adam’s side, explaining that “he’s really happy” and that Hannah was planning on going for two years; “what did you expect us to do, sit around flicking out clits till you got bmaxresdefaultack?” Jessa ends up calling Hannah childish, Hannah calls her a bitch and she storms out.

Later Hannah leaves her room and is confronted with Adam’s sister Caroline and Leonard who are surrounded by candles and he’s massaging her feet. They give her backwards insults, saying they were only good together because Adam works best ‘nurturing… the profoundly damage’. They offer her girls-recap-17feb15a threesome ‘if that’s what she needs.’

The next morning Hannah leaves the room again and is greeted by Ray who is cooking her bacon and eggs. Ray’s expressed his support by complaining about the noise pollution from the traffic near his house, but after Hannah burnt her finger Ray bandaged her up and said so sweetly “I’m sorry for everything you are going through. You do not deserve this.”

Marnie’s the last one to make an appearance because “sometimes when me and Desi are woodshedding we go on a cell phone diet”. I think Marnie – as usual – is very self-centred, saying things have been really busy and good for her lately since Desi moved in. She says she’s been avoided Hannah because she doesn’t know how to say that she needs to “let Adam go… just trust me.” I wonder if this is this a reflection of what Marnie herself has just gone through, and how she was so happy that Clementine let Desi go?

girls-episode-5-adam-hannahLast up Adam comes in and sees the bandage Hannah has from her burn; “Fucking Ray, he considers himself a renaissance fan but he doesn’t know shit about fuck”. Then Hannah and Adam have a brutally honest conversation about their relationship. Adam says he didn’t realise till after Hannah left that he was so relieved that she was gone. He described their relationship as once “beautiful, intense, weird and terrifying” and now their situation was “fucking weird and fast but it’s just what happened and I need to see where it’s going to go.”

After she shuts the door on their relationship she cries – it’s heart breaking. She then goes to her storage unit, walks into her little space which essentially represents her life – kicked out, small, meaningless – and curls up on her couch. As Lena Dunham says on Inside the Episode, “This is where all New York love stories go to die.”

Best quotes.girls-season-4

Mimi-Rose suggests that they let Hannah stay there.

Adam: You don’t know Hannah. She’ll stay in there until we have a new president. She’s stubborn as fuck and likes to stay in bed a lot.

Caroline: Adam’s got such a big heart, he’s at his best when he’s nurturing the poor, the lost, the profoundly damaged, which is why you were so perfect for him.

Adam: Thanks for stopping by kid.

Hannah: Thank you for stopping by. But maybe don’t call me kid, anymore.


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