Better Call Saul Review

61a5cf82-119b-82f6-131a-49d6144738c8_bbs5b_gallery_210990_7_1-004_rgb_v1-e1380292769181I’m a big Breaking Bad fan, so when I heard the same creators – Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould – were making a spin off from the show called Better Call Saul – taking the Walt and Jessie’s lawyer Saul Goodman to play the main character – I couldn’t wait to watch it. And after watching the first few episodes my verdict is? I loved it.

Saul Goodman’s weak, pathetic, push-over demeanour, with his lack of morals and ethics is endearing in the same way it is cringe-worthy. The series thus far has shown a similar 156084-Better-Call-Saul-Mike-Ehrmantr-z2aKmisanthropic, quirky tone that of Breaking Bad, but the storyline is separated enough that it doesn’t foreshadow the Breaking Bad series.

However, some of the same characters from Breaking Bad have made appearances in Better Call Saul and I think this is a great way of rewarding loyal fans. Jonathan Banks who played Mike in Breaking Bad is a parking inspector in Better Call Saul and has a hilarious ht_better_call_saul_raymond_cruz_js_150217_16x9_992bickering, no-nonsense relationship with Saul. Raymond Cruz who played the crazy Tuco has also starred in the first couple of episodes.

I definitely think this series will be worth watching. I recommend it to any Breaking Bad or Dexter fan or anyone who enjoys a show that has an alternative perspective on crime.


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