Girls Season 4 Episode 6 – ‘Close up’ Recap

ep38-ss05-1024The audience gets a more ‘close up’ look into Adam and Mimi-Rose’s relationship in this episode, where they are all loved up and happy living together in Mimi-Rose’s apartment. Mimi-Rose says completely nonchalant “No I can’t go for a run because I had an abortion yesterday.” Her complete acceptance of this shocked me. As we are only just learning her character, I initially wondered: is she a complete psychopath devoid of emotion (or “evil” as Adam says) or perhaps an extremely emotionally stable, healthy person?

Lena Dunham makes a really interesting point on ‘Inside the Episode’ as she says so often abortion is portrayed on television with so much “pain and angst” and Mimi-Rose went “so far in the other direction that it’s almost confusing for the audience.” Dunham – who says she is really passionate about reproductive justice – says that we have only been taught to view abortion on television with “tears and regret” and she doesn’t want abortion just to be legal but for it to be “without stigma and not something women feel like they have to apologise for.” I think she has perfectly conveyed this message in this scene.

Adam almost leaves Mimi-Rose because he cannot handle how independent and self-assured she girls-season-4-ep-6-adamis, which is certainly a strong contrast to his previous relationship with Hannah. He says that it “freaks” him out how she “doesn’t need” him at all; “You’re like those jelly fish that only need to fuck once and have generations of kids.” However, Adam changes his mind and decides how happy he is with her.

Hannah, however, is quite the contrary; gloomily sulking around her apartment (where Elijah has moved back in) and starts hysterically crying and complaining that it’s “so fucked up” that Elijah ate her cereal. She returns to her quirky psychologist who helps Hannah decide that “she likes helping people.”

Desi and Marnie are living together and working on their music. Marnie gets so excited because their song has 100 downloads (I understand, I get ecstatic with every single hit on my blog), then they have an intense argument over extremely trivial things – “That’s my mode of transportation Marnie, that’s my mode of transportation!”

xtkigzyutxwrbahaexcsShoshanna has an interview with a marketing company which, as you could imagine, goes horribly bad as Shoshanna has no idea how to sit a successful interview. She bickers with the interviewer (the very cute Jason Ritter who played Mark in Parenthood) who said there is no way he would give her a job, but asks her on a date which Shoshanna accepts.

The gang all go out for lunch together and bond in their misery; Shoshanna says that she is fdfdgoing to forego all her hopes and dreams to marry Scott, Marnie says that Desi is an “asshole”, Jessa says that “this table is like the island of misfit animals.” Hannah tells her friends that she wants a job where she can help people and they all remind her how selfish she is. Elijah says that he’s very “sceptical of anyone that wants to help others, they always have some hidden agenda” and they all agree. This is hilarious how they all inadvertently admit how self-involved they all truly are. Hannah then declares that she is going to teach; “You know what they say, those that can’t do teach!”

Ray, who has put so much heart and effort into a little model of his neighbourhood, attends a council meeting and waits all day to be heard about his noise complaints. They say they have run out of time so they won’t listen to him today, he takes the microphone and declares “I take umbrage at your sweeping disregard for the tax payer! And your general managerial ineptitude! Umbrage! Shame on you people!” I love Ray and I love his character more that he has channelled all his rage into passion that he can be constructive about.

Definitely another satisfying episode that has taken a refreshing angle, cannot wait for next week.


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