Girls Season 4, Episode 8 – ‘Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz’ Recap

imageIn this episode Hannah’s parents show the first sign of any trouble in their marriage. In the opening scene Hannah’s dad – Tad – comes out to Hannah’s mum Loreen announcing that he is gay. Loreen is understandably heartbroken. They attend her tenure party which is meant to be all about her work and success but ironically she feels it is anything but. Tad gives a very compassionate speech, exclaiming his deep respect for Loreen but she laughs in mockery.

Hannah’s immaturity shines in this episode when she decides to befriend the 16-year-old studentimage Cleo, played by Maude Apatow, daughter of actress Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow who also acted in Knocked up and This is 40. They dance ridiculously out on the street. They decide to get the flap below the tongue pierced together. Lena Dunham says on Inside the Episode that she got that pierced with her friend when she was younger and they used a prostetetic tongue when filming it.

Desi and Marnie have a big fight in this episode when Desi buys guitar pedals for $2 thousand and Marnie can’t believe he would spend that much money. I think Desi is very naive and imageinconsiderate about Marnie’s feelings. Marnie revealed a very genuine concern, that misuse of money destroys couples – like what happened to her parents. And Desi’s way to resolve the fight is to propose which Marnie excitedly accepts. How’s he going to resolve the next argument they have? Obviously this marriage is heading for turmoil as Marnie is just so desperate to make it work with him and to have security that she won’t even maturely lay a solid foundation in their relationship.

Shoshanna tells Jessa that she thinks Scott is really handsome and nice and doesn’t feel like she has anything to offer. Shoshanna’s self worth is really declining as she has been unsuccessful in her job interviews so mixing her with such a nice character like Scott has left her unsure. I think Scott would complement Shoshanna’s character perfectly thoimageugh: when Shoshanna reveals to him his insecurities he says, “We don’t use those words: failure, pathetic, loser, lame.” Scott says he wants to, “Watch someone saw,” and Shoshanna agrees – perfect match.

Jessa, on the other hand, has been politely rejected by Ace who said he’s not at a sexual stage in his life, but Jessa arrogantly believes he will be naked on their doorstep in days.

Shoshanna is helping Ray campaigning. Ray reveals that he wants to be with Marnie but he is just waiting for his heart to catch up with his brain.


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