Girls Season 4, Episode 9 – ‘Daddy Issues’ Recap

Girls-season-4-episode-9-Mimi-AdamAh, it’s that beautiful time of the week when I turn on the Foxtel and find a new episode of Girls is sitting patiently in my recorded list. I’m so happy.

Hannah and her dad Tad has lunch together, the first real time they’ve spent together since he announced he is gay. Hannah is very understanding, mature and takes the news quite well – considering how melodramatic she can be. I think the real issue is even though Hannah is technically an adult, she still views her parents through child’s eyes; she doesn’t want to think of her parents as adults: “Imagining your parents in any sexual situation of any kind is brutalising.”

Hannah then has a discussion with the principal about boundaries. HGirls-season-4-episode-9-Adamannah says she remembers what it’s like to be a child and the principal has to remind her that “she’s not,” she’s an “adult now,” and she needs to learn about “boundaries.”

Hannah and Elijah discuss her dad’s recent coming out, Elijah is much more capable of recognising Tad as a sexual person and Hannah cannot handle that aspect of it. Elijah takes her dad out shopping for support. Hannah speaks with her mum on the phone, who is in the midst of having a breakdown, and Hannah says that she is very uncomfortable having such grown up Girls-season-4-episode-9-Ace-Jessaconversations with her mum.

Ace and Jessa have started hooking up – the first guy Jessa has been with in quite a while – and on the way to dinner Ace insist they visit Adam and Mimi-Rose and Jessa reluctantly follows. When Adam opens the door Jessa asks, “Is this a good time? We’re you about to make love or take a shit?” Mimi-Rose asks them to Girls-season-4-episode-9-jessastay for dinner and Jessa quickly realises Ace has used her as a ploy to make Mimi-Rose jealous; “I’m not going to be a pawn in your game.”

Ace and Mimi-Rose are quite funny how out of touch they are with human decency, Mimi-Rose says, “So this is what jealousy feels like… I can’t deny that I really want Ace back.” Mimi-Rose then decides she wants to be single. Jessa says that Adam and she are “suckers” and they both leave together. Adam and Jessa’s characters are very similar so I love the alliance they have built.

fffdfdMarnie and Desi plan to keep their engagement a secret for a while but almost immediately after she tells Ray. It’s like she cannot be completely fulfilled; once one man commits himself to her she still needs the yearning of another to feel validated. Ray pretends to be happy for the two but then the disappointment is shown on his expression and it’s heartbreaking. Then he has to make a speech and he says, “We’re our best when we’re together… When you need me, I promise I’ll always, always be here,” indirectly revealing to Marnie his feelings for her.


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