Pitch Perfect 2 Review

Pitch_Perfect_2_posterPitch Perfect 2 was perfectly adequate, meeting my every expectation of what I thought it would be and left me giggling semi-regularly. But, maybe it was just the fact that I was all buttered up and happy from the free champagne and chocolates on ‘ladies night’ – the pre-screening – in a packed cinema full of jolly and merry women, sitting next to my friends.

If you’ve seen the first film, the second is exactly how you would expect it; the plots, characters PitchPerfect23and tones are merely an extension, a very similar make up of the first.

The girls this film are all coming to the end of university, therefore nearing the end of their role in the a capella group the Barden Bellas. The first scene had the entire theatre in hysterics, as the group were making a national performance in front of President Obama and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson’s) spandex outfit split. This scene made me cringe – this over the top, obvious, Americanised humour has never sat well with me, but I figure this opinion is a minority as the theatre roared with laughter.

The rest of the film is about the Bellas trying to make it at the World Championships. The film is different from others as the women’s role is centralised, with a very cheesy, sisterhood, girl power kind of vibe.

My friend complained there was much more singing than she would have liked but I think you watch the film expecting that; there were many covers of popular songs and I loved how there was a scene covering the 90s classics too.

So if you liked the first movie, if you’re a woman seeking a laugh at cheesy-happy lines, then I would recommend this. If you are not into musicals or extremely light-hearted storylines then I would suggest to stay clear.

In my person opinion I would rate this film 2 and a half out of 5 stars.

Starring: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld.

Director: Elizabeth Banks
Screenwriter: Kay Cannon
Producers: Paul Brooks, Max Handelman, Elizabeth Banks

Rated PG-13, 115 minutes


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