Magic Mike XXL Review

imagesI went to the ‘Girls Night’ at the cinema with a few Channing Tatum loving girlfriends, complimentary champagne and chocolates and promotional topless men walking around taking photos. Watching Magic Mike XXL in a room full of squealing, aroused women was probably the best atmosphere to see it. And probably the only situation where it’s socially acceptable to watch soft-porn in public.

nrm_1428949417-magic_mike_xxl_new_poster_channing_tatumThe second film of Magic Mike follows the stripper group Kings of Tampa to their last performance in Myrtle Beach.

I found this to be an entertaining film that’s more comedic than the first. It’s very light hearted – there is no substance, plot or thinking 4c709c829ce741f0474a9a29b94c155hjhjhj6involved – but it gave me a laugh and a multiple open-mouthed gawks at the beautiful bodies of the actors. The group wanted to perform a different routine than the typical, cliché firemen stripper personas and that they sure did! The stripping scenes offered a bit more creativity than the first movie.

Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer were sadly missing from this second film; therefore Tatum was integral in the success in this film.

My friend made a good point; the genre was confusing. She wanted a comedic, sexy strip film and found the indie-type storyline of Mike pursuing his passion in woodwork to be out of place.

The film has been praised for casting a few plus sized women. These women in the film were the ones that were singled out in the strip show and danced on; making it comedic how ecstatically swooning the women are. I do appreciate when any film/show cast a diversity of people; however it does make me cringe when plus size women are only cast for the comical roles. I think it’s time 10.21_ 2765.NEFplus sized women were considered for a more serious character.

But overall, it’s something worth watching with a few drinks and some fun-loving girlfriends. I felt that we all shared a mutually satisfying experience.

(I included a lot of photos in this post intentionally, you’re welcome.)

Genre: Comedy

Director: Gregory Jacobs

Film Rating: MA 15+

Written by: Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin

Cast: Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Amber Heard

Stars: 3 out of 5


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