The Hateful Eight Review

imagesTo be honest, I was surprised that I enjoyed Quentin Taratino’s new film ‘The Hateful Eight’ as much as I did. The trailer gave me the impression that it was just a country/western type film, aimed at an older demographic than I, but I really enjoyed the unique film and narrative techniques and intriguing storyline.

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Not That Kind of Girl Review

If you’re a Girls fan, than you will definitely love the book ‘Not that Kind of Girl’ by the director, writer and starring actor Lena Dunham. It is an incredibly raw, honest and upfront autobiography of her life and as the by-line suggests, ‘a young woman tells you what she has learned.’

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Magic Mike XXL Review

imagesI went to the ‘Girls Night’ at the cinema with a few Channing Tatum loving girlfriends, complimentary champagne and chocolates and promotional topless men walking around taking photos. Watching Magic Mike XXL in a room full of squealing, aroused women was probably the best atmosphere to see it. And probably the only situation where it’s socially acceptable to watch soft-porn in public.

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