Not That Kind of Girl Review

If you’re a Girls fan, than you will definitely love the book ‘Not that Kind of Girl’ by the director, writer and starring actor Lena Dunham. It is an incredibly raw, honest and upfront autobiography of her life and as the by-line suggests, ‘a young woman tells you what she has learned.’

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The Girl on the Train Review

21840310I’ve just finished reading the psychological thriller The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and I’ve got to admit, I couldn’t put it down. The storyline was slightly too slow in some parts, but the book was particularly captivating, it made me think of how we look at others’ lives from such an ignorant perspective; what secrets does an average suburban person keep behind closed doors from strangers? From their own partners?

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The Bell Jar

plathI found the book ‘The Bell Jar,’ written by Sylvia Plath to be a rare, personal and privileged insight into the life and psyche of Sylvia Plath. The book recently reached its 50th anniversary and is widely recognised to be a semi-autobiographical look into her struggle with mental illness and her desire to commit suicide, which she did in 1963 by placing her head in a gas oven.

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